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2017 Academic Conference, Gala and Documentary to Celebrate Wisconsin’s Longest Serving Governor

Alumni of Governor Tommy Thompson’s administration announced a series of events in 2017 to celebrate and analyze the innovative policies of Wisconsin’s longest serving Governor.

“On the 30th Anniversary of his inauguration, we will celebrate the accomplishments of Wisconsin’s longest serving Governor,” said Chairman James R. Klauser. “More importantly, we will also work to discover the “secret sauce” that made him one of the most innovative governors in the nation’s recent history.”

The Tommy@30 project will feature an academic conference at the State Capitol in April examining Thompson’s most innovative and successful policy reforms – school choice, welfare reform and job creation. Later in the Spring, there will be a 30th Anniversary Gala in Milwaukee celebrating the achievements of Governor Thompson at the state and federal level. Finally, in the fall of 2017, there will be the first showing of a new documentary on the life and public service of Governor Thompson.

“Few governors have had such an impact on the nation’s life,” said Klauser. “Tommy Thompson’s welfare reforms and job creation policies helped millions enjoy the dignity of work and independence; his education reforms are still providing better educational opportunities for hundreds of thousands of children each year.”

This year long effort will be chaired by Governor Thompson’s closest advisor former Secretary of Administration James R. Klauser. Many other Thompson administration alumni will be donating their time and talents to the project. Funding for academic papers, journalistic histories and the documentary will come from foundations as well as individuals and corporations. The 30th Anniversary Gala will be funded through ticket sales. The Executive Director of the Tommy@30 project is former State Representative Michelle Litjens.